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I'm the founder of Money Queens, a social enterprise business providing financial education for teenage girls.


I can be booked to present money seminars and workshops at schools or corporate events Australia-wide, either in person or via Zoom. 


My first book, Money Queens: Rule your Money was released by Affirm Press in 2022. It was awarded personal investment Book of the Year at the 2023 Australian Business Book Awards and was a finalist for Book of the Year. 


Buy it now.

"There's nothing quite like the feeling of having your own money to spend. All those things you've wanted forever now feel within your reach ... But it's easy to make mistakes when you go from having no money to having some. Money can be really easy to lose track of, especially if you have no clue how to manage it. And when you learn that men and women are still not equal when it comes to money, managing it can feel like a lot.


Luckily, Money Queens is full of tips and tools to help you avoid the gaps, traps and mishaps of money management. Queens, start ruling your money before it rules you: you can't afford not to! 

From personal finance writer Michelle Bowes comes a self-empowerment guide that covers all the must-know money basics like saving and budgeting and bigger topics like credit cards, buy now, pay later services, superannuation and investing. It even explains how to write a CV, what to do when you get your first job and what to expect to pay for when you finish high school. This guidebook is the best friend that every teen girl needs as she embarks on her first relationship with money."





For more information about Money Queens, visit

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